Alisha Spiwak, RDH

Dental Hygienist

If I have heard one thing over and over in my dental career, it has to be the classic line from a patient, "No offense, but I don't like the dentist.".  Well, none taken, because I am the dental hygienist, so we can be pals!!  If this might be how you feel, I challenge you to meet my two amazing dentists!  I am privledged to see first hand the standard of care and quality of work they provide.

I have been in the dental field since 1999.  I started out as an assistant, and a few years later decided to attend dental hygiene school.  I am very blessed to say I enjoy all aspects of my job.  I enjoy getting to know my patients, I love working with an inspiring group of ladies, and take pride in the work I do improving dental health.  I am fortunate to be married for 18 years and have two boys, Ethan and Isaac.  I graduated from Harrah High School and my husband graduated from Choctaw High School.   We love to watch our boys participate locally in sports.  We have a wonderful community here in EOC (Eastern Oklahoma County).

To really some up my persona:  I am a talented eater, semi-professional talker, amateur adventure seeker, sports enthusiast, energetic volunteer, amazing bargain hunter, terrible vocalist, humble optimist, 'Thumb Wrestling Champ' in 52 states, and obviously a "life" lover!!

I have great credentials!  According to my son Ethan, I am good friends with the tooth fairy.  He even told his classmates that I have had lunch with her.  This is true.........