Our Mission

We dedicate ourselves to offering quality dental treatment as efficiently as possible, thus, enabling us to offer it at the most affordable prices. Our office hours are Monday 8:00A.M.-3:30P.M. and Tuesday through Thursday from 7:30A.M.-3:30P.M.  We care about each patient and strive to honor appointment times because we realize that your time is valuable too.  We want all our patients to feel comfortable when they visit our office.  We will at all times maintain a very clean, professional office and do all that we can to have a very positive impact on the dental health of our community.

Recent Blogs

This week Allied Dental Associates of Choctaw PLLC is kicking off an "ANTI-BULLYING" Campaign!  Unfortunately, bullying can exist at any age and in any setting!  Bullies seek NOTHING POSITIVE!  It's time to put a STOP to people seeking NOTHING but the DESTRUCTION of another individual!

For the month of May all proceeds from current patients for Home Whitening Kits with custom trays will be donated to the Tri-City Youth Center.  Tri-City Youth Center is a local counseling and mental health resource center that among other services helps individuals affected by bullying. 

As we look forward to reopening, we want to share some changes that will temporarily be in effect to maintain as safe of an environment as we possibly can for everyone.

Starting Monday, May 4th we will begin seeing scheduled patients!  Here are some temporary changes you need to know about.

The question often comes up as to why just a "normal cleaning" cannot be done now and why does a "deep" cleaning even need to be done.  The difference between the two types of cleanings is the state of periodontal health, which is the health of the bone and gums that support the teeth.  The health of the bone and gums is directly linked to the amount of plaque (soft) and calculus/tartar (hard) that is depositing on your teeth.  It is fairly common for most people to develop some calculus (same thing as tartar) between their recall cleaning visits.